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  • Voltage Limiting Device

Voltage Limiting Device

Voltage Limiting Device

Entec’s Voltage Limiting Device(ETOVPD22) is used to prevent the over-standard voltage that can potentially put operators and passengers in danger of high voltage. It is equipped with protection function according to relevant human safety regulations of KS C IEC 62128-1 to keep the voltage of the rail in a safe range.

Because of integrated with measurement, protection, control, communication modules, it can collaborate with the traction power protection system to realize various functions.

Enhanced Safety
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  • Fast shorting in a level of microseconds provided based on the human safety characteristic curve
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  • Reclosing function integrated with ETCPU200 control module
Reliability and Compatibility
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  • High endurance of contactor mechanical operation
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  • Reliable SCR with fast response
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  • Compatible with components with the same rating and same standards
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  • Easy maintenance
Other Technical Features
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  • ETOVPD22: 2 sets of shorting device-Bidirectional SCR modules wired with contractors in parallel
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  • ETCUP200: Composition of SCR driver, CT/PT, measurement, protection, control, and communication modules
Electrical ratings
Nominal voltage [Vdc] 1500 750
Rated maximum voltage [Vdc] 1800 900
Rated current [A] 1250
Short time withstand current, 250ms [kA] 50
Voltage Range of protection Contactor DC25~300V (Step: 1V), 0~1000s
SCR DC300~1,000V, instantaneous
Control operating voltage 110Vdc / 220Vac
Maximum operation 1.5 million times
Degree of protection IP41
International standard IEC61992-6, EN 50123-6,
KS C IEC 62128-1, EN50122-1

* Dimensions can be adjusted after consulting the manufacturer and surge arrester can be added when necessary