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  • Railway Outdoor Circuit Breaker

Railway Outdoor Circuit Breaker

Railway Outdoor Circuit Breaker

In long distance AC Railway system, 27.5 kV x 2 system is most commonly used. To accommodate the line protection needs on such systems, Entec developed the 31.5/27.5kV Outdoor circuit breaker with its Solid Insulated Technology.

2-pole outdoor design with 2000A current ratings makes it perfect for all kinds of substations.

Enhanced Safety and Eco Friendly
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  • Guaranteed rated breaking current with breaking capability of minimum 20 times
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  • Semi-permanent insulation capability by employing solid dielectric technology
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  • Environment-friendly, Oil/SF6 gas free
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  • No danger of explosion by gasless applications
Advanced Reliability of Operation
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  • ISO 9001:Design, Manufacture, and Test according to Quality Standard
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  • Maintenance-free due to no gas and oil insulants
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  • XIHARI Type Test completed (TB/T 2803 All Tests Completed)
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  • EMA(Electro Magnetic Actuator) operation with Fast and High Frequency Trip (O-0.3s-CO-180s-CO possible)
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  • 10,000 times of operation guaranteed
Other Technical Features
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  • IEC 61850 based automatic operation (Option)
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  • Water resistant control cubicle with IP55 protection degree
Electrical ratings
Rated maximum voltage [kV] 31.5
Rated current [A] 2000
Rated frequency [Hz] 50
Basic impulse withstand voltage [kV] Phase to phase 325
Pole to pole 215
Phase to ground 185
Power frequency withstand voltage [kV] Phase to phase 140
Pole to pole 90
Phase to ground 90
Short circuit breaking current [kA] 31.5
Short time withstand current, 3sec [kA] 31.5
Short circuit making current [kA] 80
Capacitor bank breaking current [A] 200
Number of phase 2 phases
Insulation medium Solid (Epoxy)
Control operating voltage 110Vdc / 220Vac
Breaking time (T100) below 3 cycles
Maximum operation 10,000 times