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  • Q-class DC Circuit Breaker

Q-class DC Circuit Breaker

Q-class DC Circuit Breaker

Entec’s Q-class DC Circuit Breaker (ETNB) is specifically designed DC Circuit Breaker used at Nuclear Power Plant to protect DC power system equipment such as Generator, Motor pump and Battery, etc. ETNB adopts air breaking method and uses manual closing mechanism enveloped with Insulation Frame.

Quality of ETNB is testified at CESI and KERI by passing Q-Class type test, short-circuit test, load break test, earthquake test and BOM(Bill Of Material) related tests, and etc.

Instead of the conventional analog relay, more precise Digital Over-Current Relay is used so that it increases protective coordination reliability. In addition, faults and events are recorded in non-flash memory to analyze any fault situation. Using RS232 and RS485 telecommunication, the ETNB can be controlled locally or remotely.

High Reliable Interrupting Capability
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  • Type tested by CESI and KERI
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  • Application of precise Over-Current Relay
Enhanced Safety
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  • Interlocking between open-mechanism
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  • Circuit breaker withdrawable only when CB open status
Q-Class test
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  • Earthquake test, BOM(Bill Of Material) related test performed and verified
Electrical ratings
Description ETNB
Type E1600-Q
Rated maximum voltage [Vdc] 300
Nominal voltage [Vdc] 250
Rated current [A] 1600
Frame current [A] 800 / 1600
Short time withstand current, 250ms [kA] 50
Short circuit making current [kA] 50 (peak: 83)
Number of pole 2 poles
Operation duty O-15s-CO
Operation mechanism manual closing, manual / OCR tripping
Control operating voltage 125 / 250Vdc
Interruption medium Air breaking
Trip device Digital OCR
Aux. contact 4’a’ , 2’b’ (external)
International standard IEEE std C37.14, ANSI C37.16, C37.17,
IEEE C37.90.1/2, IEC 60255