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  • DC Disconnector Switch

DC Disconnector Switch

DC Disconnector Switch

DC Disconnector Switch is used for no load switching in DC system. ET-DS design is compact and optimized to be integrated in DC switchgear and other applications.

In addition, sufficient insulation capacity and electric current capacity increase the safety level of the product. Fast operation time is also appealing in perspective of user convenience.

Enhanced Safety
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  • Keyed selected switches to adjust DS’s lock/unlock status and manual/motorized mode
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  • Tested short time withstand current up to 125kA rms
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  • Electrical interlocking by wiring to associated protection relay ETCPU200
Convenient Operation
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  • Manual/Motorized mode selectable to suit different situations
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  • Fast open/close to reduce operation time
Electrical ratings
Description ET-DS
Nominal voltage [Vdc] 750 / 1500
Rated maximum voltage [Vdc] 900 / 1800
Insulation voltage, [kVac] Phase to phase 11
Phase to ground 9.2
Control circuit 2
Rated current [A] 1000 / 2000 / 4000 / 6000
Short time withstand current [kA] 125
Short circuit making current [kA] 178
Operation automatic, manual
Control operating voltage 110 / 220Vdc
Maximum operation 100,000 times
Operation time below 2sec
International standard IEC 61992