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ENTEC’s vision is to become a leading company in the medium voltage switchgear and distribution automation through active research and investment.

We have been steadily supplying our products to Korea Electricity Corporation(KEPCO) and are recognized for its quality and technology. We have been exporting to more than 50 countries and are continuing to expand our global business.

Entec’s great technology mainly support four types of business fields.

Power Transmission & Distribution

ENTEC’s solid insulated technology for environment-friendly applications is especially well known for superb quality. With ENTEC’s innovated development and outstanding production process, ENTEC ensures the both overhead line and underground line electrical equipment to have a high level of interruption durability. ENTEC has been a no. 1 contributor to safe and reliable power substation and distribution line system.

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Metro & Railway

ENTEC is the first manufacturer of high-speed DC circuit breaker, according to IEC international standard. Especially the DC SWGR’s core part, High-Speed Circuit Breaker is well recognized for its excellent technology. It is currently installed and being used in domestic and international subway and traction system.

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Nuclear power plant equipment

ENTEC is the only manufacturer of Electrical equipment such as DC Motor control panel or Q class DC circuit breaker in Korea, which are used to upgrade the level of safety in nuclear power plants. ENTEC intensively focus on finding the best technological solution to these products.

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Power IT

ENTEC is leading the most up to date technology in both hardware and software IT. ENTEC always seeks to provide the best solution to support distribution automation system and smart grid by own developed protection relays applied in various electrical equipment.

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Endless will and challenge under the atmosphere of seeking the new technology will make ENTEC the most successful power electric company in the world.